...it's still averaging close to 100 degrees in my little corner of the world, so to be honest, while i know the holidays are around the corner & i'd better get started on some of my bigger holiday projects, i can't bring myself to think about it while the A/C is going non-stop & we're all still trying to stay cool! 

however, a few of my projects take quite some time to complete, so yes, crazy as it sounds, i will be starting to compile music choices for my annual "jingle bell jam" project (CD) as well as materials for my "december daily" project.  here's my album from last year:

i'm thinking this year of doing lots of clear pages - transparencies, trading card protectors, maybe even slide protectors or 6x6 clear page protectors?  i LOVED using spray paint on transparencies last year, so may have to pull out the spray paint again soon.

i am planning to make my own covers again, too, out of recycled something-or-other from around the house, and covering them with some fabric scraps from last year.

also have plans for some other holiday creative goodness, so stay tuned! (...holiday ART JOURNAL anybody?)  i know it's been all RIFT all summer up in here, and while i still enjoy the game & play constantly, i am back to the art table & ready to start on some of my favorite projects of the year.  some of you have recently e-mailed me with questions and comments, and i really appreciate you sticking around at my little home on the web.

hope you are all healthy & happy...

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perennial-mommy said...

Hi! Found your blog from youtube. I was searching December Daily videos - trying to get started on mine for this year. Your album from last year is amazing. Very inspirational. Thanks for sharing this. I look forward to watching more of your videos.