good life...

most of you have read on this blog that i work as a foster care social worker/supervisor...i don't often share details here, for one because of confidentiality laws, but secondly because i have found that telling foster care stories often leaves people feeling sad, depressed, & anxious. 

so, i'm going to protect y'all from the sadness that has been my job for the last week or two, but suffice it to say we've had some really serious incidents/crises over the last week or two that have left me in need of....something positive.

luckily, there are a few things!

1.  My Extra-Life team and I successfully made it through 24 hours straight of gametime this past weekend to help raise money for Children's Network Hospitals.  Sleep deprived, aching wrists, but all for a good cause.  EXTRA LIFE raised over 1.1 million dollars.  awesomesauce!

2.  i am not usually much for feel-good pop songs, but i have to say...this feel-good pop song makes me feel good:

3.  my sweet mother is coming to L.A. for a work conference this weekend, and i'm excited to spend some time with her talking/laughing/relaxing it up in a hotel by the beach.  sometimes a girl just needs her mom...  ;)

if you're so inclined, leave a comment & tell me something positive that's going on in your life...we social workers tend to get drowned in the tough stuff, i'd love to be reminded that life can be good!!  :)

wishing you all a great week.

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~Kammie~ said...

love to see when you blog not that I don't "talk" with you online BUT love seeing your creative goodies that you share.

AND so excited you are starting to work on your Jingle Bell Jams hehehe BUT I agree about the holidays--BLAH! LOL