in the eye of this beholder....beauty is:

this song, this video, this inky drippy calligraphy goodness...

beauty is also...

snuggling in bed 'til noon with my husband on the first rainy day of the season

the kindness of a friend who spontaneously brought a little treat to my office at just the right moment yesterday

remembering and appreciating all that my parents did for me growing up (working in foster care reminds me to thank them often!)

this song.  one of my favorites to sing along to in the car, or the shower, or anywhere...patty griffin's voice is just amazing...

getting ready to start annual holiday projects that i love

the pretty vanilla gingerbread scented candle i have burning in my office

crisp, sunny autumn days like today

this clip:

because colin firth is the hotness, even when he's on a funny show.

the smiles on the kids' faces when they are picking out their halloween costumes from our donors...so cute

hope you find something beautiful to contemplate today.

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~Kammie~ said...

great songs!!!!! love them!

now off to iTunes to buy them LOL