Extra Life

one week from today, on 10/15/11, my fellow gamers and i are going to spend 24 hours straight playing RIFT marathon-style in order to raise money for Children's Miracle Network hospitals.

Extra Life is an annual charity event run by the Sarcastic Gamer team, partnered with the Children’s Miracle Network, which handles all collecting and distribution of donations received. gamers have the option to play solo or form teams for group donations, and can direct their contributions to a children’s hospital of their choice.  the event itself is a designated day where participants are asked to play a game or games of their choice for 24 hours straight.

i've been asking for my friends/family/colleagues to sponsor me for just $1 per hour, for a donation of $24 total...and my team and i are hoping to raise at least $1000 between us for children's hospitals...if you'd be interested in helping us reach our goal, you can click the link below to go to my donation page and get more information.  all donations are secure and tax deductible!


i'm not sure how i'll stay up for 24 hours to do this, i love my sleep!  but, it's for a great cause, and i figure if kids can battle life-threatening medical conditions, i can manage to lose a little sleep for their sake.  :)

if you happen to be a video-game player and want to join us, you can find the link to our team information on my donation page as well!

thanks to those of you who've already donated, i am deeply grateful.  

wish us luck!

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