i'm on a horse, and it's on fire...

...in case anyone was wondering what turned me into a gamer chic...it's RIFT's sense of humor...as in:

and this:

in other news...looking at starting DEC DAILY SOON!!!  that's right, it'll be back to the art table soon, so thanks for hanging in there with me through this summer of video game action.  lol.

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northcarmen (Carmen Pauls Orthner) said...

Since you mentioned December Daily -- I was wondering what size of book you made last year? I was admiring it on YouTube. Also, do you have any advice on making custom transparencies? If you wouldn't mind answering, I can be reached at carmen@orthner.ca. Thanks for sharing your projects. :) I am looking forward to watching your central Europe travel journal video as well.

Carmen Pauls Orthner (northcarmen on message boards).