what do you know?

when i started my car this morning the radio was blasting "the thong song." remember that one? ish. seriously. i used to work out to that song and it annoyed me then...but to start a gorgeous friday morning with that stuck in my head is pure torture.

luckily a facebook friend empathized with my pain and he sent me this:

*sigh* ahhh...sweet. now this is a friday song. and milla jovovich's voice rules. thank you, kind friend with good taste in music, for helping a sister out (his words.)

oh, and also, there's this:

which isn't anything more than a quick photo i snapped with my phone on my way home from work yesterday. but i love it. and i love that droid app! (retro camera)

so how's that for a random post. whatever. it's friday. randomness rules on fridays...hope yours is a good one. :)

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