to officers about to rock: i salute you

for whatever reason, i've been able to talk my way out of a few tickets here and there...and no, not because i'm emphasizing my cleavage or crying like a girl...

don't get me wrong, i hate getting pulled over.  my hands start shaking and my stomach hurts...i'm sure my face turns a wonderful sunset crimson color...but i figure it like this.  if i'm going to get a ticket anyway, i might as well try to make the officer laugh, right?  obviously not recommended in all situations but here's how it went down yesterday:

CHP OFFICER: do you know how fast you were driving back there?
ME: yes sir. about 88-89?
HIM: uh yes. 89. do you know the speed limit?
ME: yes sir, 75.
HIM: correct. so...
ME: unless...you're driving during an AC/DC triple play, right?
HIM: excuse me?

**this is where he smiled.  warning:  if officer doesn't smile after 1st attempt at humor, just sit back and take your punishment.**

ME: well, isn't it wrong to go any slower than 87mph during any AC/DC song?
HIM: *laughs* well, i'm not familiar with that law...
ME: i think t's more of a moral guideline, actually...*fingers crossed*

**this is where the officer made me sweat with an excruciatingly long pause while he continued writing on his little pad of paper** 

HIM: *grinning* alright, alright...you get outta here...and slow down!  *waving me on*
HIM: go on...and don't tell anyone about this! *laughing*
ME: oh, thank you, sir! rock on! *sign of the horns*
HIM: just go! *shaking head & smiling*

ME:  *salute officer* *smile* *pull slowly and safely back onto road while turning the radio back up*

now maybe i got lucky & this fellow happened to be a fan of angus young's shredding guitar solos & had a good sense of humor...but i like to think it was the god of rock smiling on me...  ;)

so, in honor of CHP officers with funny bones & good taste in music...i give you this.

for those about to rock, i salute you:

rock on...

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scrappysarah said...

you are too much! i could never get away with that...lol. love it. and LOVE ac/dc...those were the days huh?