one more day...

   my equation for today:

   announcement of agency cutting vacation accrual cap
+ my current accruals more than 80 hours above the new cap
+ spring is here and sunshine is highly preferable to flourescent lighting
= staycation, vacation, aslongasi'mnotatworkation!

i'm not much for math, but there's a problem i'm happy to solve!

i haven't had a raise, cost of living or otherwise, in 8 years.  in fact, my salary has been cut twice in the last 2 years.  my workload and level of responsibility has increased exponentially.  i work insanely more than my required 40 hours a week.  don't get me wrong, i am ridiculously thankful to have a job at all in this economy and a rewarding one at that...BUT i am not about to just hand back 2+ weeks of vacation that i've been accruing because the agency i work for doesn't want extra financial burden on their books.

hell no!  i am taking those hours, baby...whether i can afford to leave town or not, and the cutoff date is June 1, 2011. 

so, starting tomorrow and all next week...i am leaving behind the flourescent lights, incessant phone calls, audits, whining & complaining, stacks of paperwork and all talk of child abuse, foster care, or budget cuts and exchanging them for the solitude of a big fat novel, an enormous margarita, some coconut scented sunscreen and a lounge chair by my apartment complex pool, or better yet...i might even break down and buy gas at $4.50 a gallon and find myself a beach.

it's high time i took another one of these...
after all, every trip to the beach deserves a commemorative toes-in-the-sand photo, am i right?

t-minus 5 hours and counting...can't wait.

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