the countdown continues...one week

one week. 7 days. 6 sleeps.

that's all that remains between us and prague, krakow, and budapest. caught up in packing, breaking in my keen mary janes, reading about the cities we'll be visiting and putting the final touches on my travel journal. i got experimental with this one and attempted spiral bound while still fabric covered...with success! (and only 1 injury, which is not bad knowing me.)

while i work on getting some pictures of said journal to grace this blog, why not enjoy a little Prague-Cam?

Click Here!

this is a view of the medieval astronomical clock...hey, if you watch my tweets i'll try to post when we're there and we can wave to you in realtime! it's an idea...

off to bed to dream of castles, spires, and the vltava river...

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Christine said...

i want details, exact details of your trip!