bags are packed...

...seats chosen, boarding passes printed, shuttle from Prague Airport to hotel scheduled...heads full of eastern dreams...we are trying to stay up late tonight to make it easier to sleep on the plane tomorrow...Prague is 9 hours ahead of L.A., so we are in for some jet lag, no doubt about it.

Packed a little box of art supplies so I can work in my handmade journal while we're in the three different countries.

I did take a video of the journal as it begins it's journey eastward...unfortunately ran out of time to edit and upload it...so you'll have to wait for my return to see both the before and after videos!

Will try to post here or on twitter/facebook as we get access to wifi, if at all...so stay tuned!

Don't forget to check out the live webcam in my previous post...you never know when we might be waving to you from the Czech Republic!

See you all in two weeks!

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