city of spas

...so how can we go wrong? who doesn't love a dip in a hot thermal bath?

our 3rd main destination on our upcoming trip is Budapest. and since we're on a trend, here's rick steves....again...to provide a little more info...

on another travel note, i bought a pair of KEEN shoes yesterday, and my feet have never been so happy! i had not heard of this brand before, but...holy walking shoes, batman! i am going to be one happy walker in eastern europe! these are the ones i decided on after trying on every pair of shoes at REI:
i am sorting through papers trying to decide just what to do for a travel journal...taking loads of cues from the very creative (and also experienced world traveler) mary ann moss.

i will share more as soon as i'm decided...until then, it's back to the monday grind...

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Effy said...

Those shoes look fabulous. Are they available in Canada, I wonder? I walk a lot and these look like they could take the kind of abuse I'd give them.

Have fun in Budapest!