well, blog-slacker anyway. i have been working at my day-job many, many non-slacking hours...keeping me busy and tired enough not to want to blog, or do much of anything else, for the past several weeks.

but nevertheless, i have found little bits of time to play in my art journal, work on a canvas, and figure out an ingenious solution to the "omg it's way too hot in that studio to be in there doing something creative" situation. Here is what I like to call the "a/c diversion program" aka plastic bags duct-taped together attached to the a/c vent in the bedroom and looping into the spare room trick!
pretty cool...works like a CHARM! we went from over 100 degrees to freezing in a little under 30 minutes. hooray! we can now spend time in our studio...i can do painty messy good things and kirk can make beautiful music, in cool a/c comfort. what a relief.

in other news, if you have not been following the Dirty Footprints Studio blog's 30 JOURNALS 30 DAYS interviews, you are truly missing out on learning about some wonderful creative people and how they journal. there is more inspiration over there than you can shake a watercolor crayon at! she was even kind enough to feature little old me on the 21st of july.

so grab a cold glass of iced tea, or a summer martini, and head over to Connie's blog now to check it out! interviews have been posted for each day in july! rockin.

more to come as i'm anxious to share some of our yosemite photos with the world...until then, it's monday, and work duty calls...ugh.

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Connie said...

Ok, so Heidi...you are a genius. I LOVE your contraption!