oh, hello there...

my goodness...old blog...it's been awhile. seems like this happens every now and again, our little internet relationship comes and goes, but is always amiable. this little blog is always here, waiting for me to make a happy little post...

for now, suffice it to say that we are all moved into our new apartment, now affectionately known as "the bat cave." loving it. loving being on the 2nd floor, loving the lower rent, the newer flooring, the clean carpet, the windows on 3 sides, the quieter neighborhood....just plain loving it.

so, where are we? july 4th weekend...ahh yes...the ol' 4 day-er. gotta love a double-weekend, even if i am on-call for work. taking crisis calls at home or by the pool beats being on the phone in that florescent lighting anyday. celebrated the 4th with burgers/picnic food in a parking lot with a very diverse crowd near mt. rubidoux...riverside's main fireworks show area. it was a gorgeous night, clear, cool, dark, perfect for fireworks, and mt. rubidoux didn't even catch fire this year!

the week ahead is also short...one 13 hour day plus one 4 hour day, then 3.5 days of vacation with kirk's side of the family in yosemite. looking forward to getting away, enjoying nature, resting, spending some time with family i don't know very well, and not being on-call. hehe.

creative happenings this summer have been happening...just, slowly. my mojo is hanging around...but i think occasionally it hides in some of the packing boxes leftover from our move. the new studio is all set up, and i have ventured into some bigger canvas projects (yay for bigger spaces to paint on!)...but it is not air-conditioned in there, it's a little too clean, and somehow i am struggling to get my creative juices flowing in there. might have to venture outdoors, maybe in yosemite, ey? hmm...

no photos today...but i will try to perk this blog up a bit very soon. in the meantime, why don't you check out some of these sites with eye-candy up the wazoo?

Samantha Kira
Dirty Footprints Studio
One Year Art Journal Blog
Mary Ann Moss

enjoy, my pretties!

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Jenifleur-de-lis said...

Glad to hear you are all moved in! The new place sounds wonderful, and I'm eager to see the bigger projects you'll be working on! :)