when you live in a fault zone...

...earthquakes are a part of life.

i am glad the mexicali earthquake happened in a less populated area...and hoping these aftershocks are all that's on the horizon...but i know better...
this is is earthquake country, and we live smack-dab in the middle of it!

i am amazed at how much we felt the mexicali quake all the way up here in the "inland empire" of southern california...our hanging lamps were really swinging and the floor was rolling...at first i just felt like i was going to faint, or had too much to drink because the room was moving. in fact, it seemed a "soft" earthquake compared to our usual jolting tumblers, and since it happened during the day, it didn't freak me out nearly to the extent it would have had it happened in the dead of night. those nighttime quakes really get to me...

anyway...at this point, i have accepted the fact that the earth i have chosen to live on is constantly in flux...just like life in general. and while it's kind of exciting to think that we are the chosen generation destined for the "end of the world," i know better than that, too. there are many large earthquakes every year, consistently since at least 1900, which is when they were able to really start measuring quakes...and obviously, earthquakes have been around since the dawn of time. you can see information about that by clicking HERE.
so, when people ask me if i think the world is ending...i have to answer, no. no i don't. let's not be so ego-centric as to think we are all that important in the whole history of the universe. (although, at the rate we're debilitating our natural resources & ozone layer, we might self-determine a fate such as that for ourselves, but that's another post entirely...lol.)

so the earth will continue to adjust itself, and there is nothing i can do about it but be informed, hope the big ones occur in less populated areas, stay as prepared as i can, and hold on for the ride!
(or move out of state, ha ha, but even the midwest has earthquakes, including CO, dad, ha ha! so none of us are entirely immune...as you can see HERE.)
anyway, happy monday!


Zoey said...

wow how totally freaky! i have never felt an earthquake and hope i never have to but i spose if it isn't one thign it's antoher right.

stay safe!!

latte_grande said...

Yikes! I've always been afraid of earthquakes, but since we live in the Midwest...well, I kinda doubt I'll experience one here anytime soon! Tornadoes are a fact of life here, and those are pretty dang scary too!
Good luck and congrats on your move! I just love the purging experience that comes with a change of location...we move once every 2 years, so we're pretty experienced! lol Make sure to put up some pics of your new digs! :)

Inkster said...

I feel you. In trinidad we had a lot and some WHOPPERS too! The nighttime ones are worst!!
Glad ur ok :)