it's 90 degrees on nov 1

...i suppose southern california never really wants to let go of summer. but - with the fall, the warm santa ana winds have blown all of the smoggy gook out of the skies and the inland empire is just beautiful this time of year! sometimes i forget there are hills and mountains around riverside, and it's this season that reminds me they're out there!

i'll admit, i'm a little jealous of the blizzard conditions my family are lamenting in CO and i long for a little bit of snow - but to be honest, we've still got blooming flowers and blue skies, and i'm okay with that! plus, no yucky piles of dirty snow will be left over in a few days.

not much going on the creative front - still finishing up my mysteries of me album, i'll share photos when it's complete. getting ready to start on my december daily project a'la ali edwards, and will be digging into the holiday music stash this afternoon to get started on heidi's jingle bell jam - the tenth, and possibly final, edition.

anyway - here are some of my photos from the last 30 days...i've been learning more and more about my camera and how to use editing software all the time! loving it!here's to a lovely november for you, too. :)


kyralynn said...

loving your photos, heidi!!

Zoey said...

i just love visiting your blog, always leave inspired. great pictures, and great music, too! :)