diane, I hold in my hand a small box of chocolate bunnies

we don't do much for halloween these days...but i have the fondest of memories of going trick-or-treating as a kid in some great home-put-together costumes (many of those covered by winter coats) in freezing october halloween nights common to colorado. i remember going to a school dance on halloween in junior high dressed, along with my best friend, as a pair of dice. try dancing with a cute boy while wearing a box the size of a washer/dryer. yeah. bad idea.

tonight will find kirk and i welcoming mom (marti) for a visit with a cool jack-o-lantern, lots of candles, caramel apples, warm chex mix & pumpkin seeds (i'm going to try not to burn them) and some classic creepy movies the likes of young frankenstein and the 3rd man. should be fun!

hope you have something fun planned to help you get your spook on.
(did i just say, "get your spook on?" *sighs and shakes head*)

i leave you now with some scenes from my all-time favorite, and in my opinion the best in television history, creepy show...
(to turn off the spooky tunage...click the || button to the right --->)

David Lynch was just too cool for TV.

happy halloween everyone!

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krista_d said...

love it! twin peaks remains the best show ever to be shown. :) damn fine coffee! ;) hope you had fun...