is a good thing.

the photos to the left are my progress on the mysteries of me mini-album class mentioned in earlier posts. i really like how things are coming together. and guess what folks? i SEWED! yep - me, the girl who would have failed (not kidding) home economics if her mother had not baked her a pie for extra credit.

not only did i sew, by hand (me and sewing machines don't see eye to eye,) but i sewed 4 different stitches - and didn't have to start over once! i am normally not this thrilled with myself, really, it's just that i was going to take the easy way out and glue/staple these pockets together, but i just decided to try it. needle & thread, and guessing at various stitches. they aren't perfect, they don't look like they were done on a machine, some of the stitches are loose, but by golly, i'm proud of the darn things!

the cover (middle photo) for the mini-book turned out pretty too - i used some pattern paper to match the inside of the bigger book, a tag dyed with tea and blue liquid ink, and i SEWED on a scallop trim, and added the other embellishments as directed.

this is going to be a really cute project...that ms. kartchner has such a flair for cute!

inside the mini album are going to be stories, tickets, photos, thoughts, little journal entries about a variety of topics. having a great time, even if i do have to fit in the creative fun after 12 hour workdays and stay up until 3 a.m. dyeing tags and poking my poor fingertips with needles! :)

thanks for stopping by, and have a good one, everybody...


Zoey said...

oooo super perty!! how did you die the tag? did u mix it with water or?

ScrapyCrafter said...

ohh! Really really pretty! Love the colors you picked out! So vintage!
I love love using my sewing machine too to use on my cards!

Check out my latest card I made where I used a lot of zig-zaging!

Have a Great one Heidi!!


Angie... by the said...

You did such a great job Heidi! I enjoyed seeing it on the mb. I still have to sew mine, I'm on the final stages now I think. It's been fun, huh? :)

kyralynn said...

Wow, Heidi! Gorgeosu, hope you put up photos of the whole thing done

Diana Graham said...

I'd love to see pictures of your whole book completed. I really like how your tags turned out. Did you dye them or use something else like ink pads?