tryptophan, and other things on my thankful list this year

in no particular order, this is the short list of gratitude this year:

kirk's sense of humor
memories of a safe and playful childhood
flannel sheets
art supplies
the rolling stones
parents that love me & raised me with care
brother that's a chef and willing to make t-day dinner for us
patterned paper
being married to my best friend
friends to share hobbies and laughs with
peppermint mocha creamer
people dedicated to finding the truth
comfy knitted socks
foster youth
generous donors to help foster youth
caffe americanos
freshly baked bread
rock and roll
sleeping in late

...NOT cooking Thanksgiving turkey, and a husband who loves me despite the fact that i'm domestically challenged and embrace that disability with warm and open arms.

I hope your list is even longer this thanksgiving day.


Zoey said...

you crack me up, what a great list! happy thanksgiving!

Anonymous said...

heidi - what are you up at 3 am for? haven,t heard from you for aaagggees! maybe could be my email has been screwed up(msn changed their format-well that was in september and i hadn't checked it till now (nov.) any way ...go to bed you silly. am trying to figure out how to get my pics online(something about plugging something into jack something).?. lol. (does that mean laugh out loud or lots of love)anyway i'm sending the latter. from your auntie glenda.