some creative bits for tuesday

happy tax day!! ok that was mean, i know.

hey guess what? kirk and i are officially an aunt & uncle to a brand new baby girl, born to Andrea and Steve Dilley last night. Her name is Madeline Laine, and while I haven't seen photos yet, I'll bet she's adorable, I mean, come on, babies are adorable. :) Congrats and love going out to the new parents and a big welcome to the little one! Can't wait to meet you, love, your crazy aunt heidi and goofy uncle kirk-y.

ok now let's get down to business...just want to share a few little projects for this week...i think spring must be getting into my blood with all of those bright colors showing up!

first up: this week's "office" challenge at tally. requirements were to follow a design sketch for photo and embellishment placement; use 5 photos minimum; make the layout about a typical weekend; use the word weekend, saturday, or sunday; and use a "found object" from the weekend (mine is a circle punched from a Trader Joe's granola box in the center of that flower)

i really had fun making this one...i printed the photos on regular white cardstock for a different look, and they are teeny photos - about 1"x1.5"...this is an 8x8 layout.

and without further blather...here's my take on it:
next up: a couple of quick thank you cards using some of the scraps in my huge bin of leftover bits & pieces of pattern paper. i used one to thank my mother-in-law for her recent generosity during her stay with us.

wish i could just create all the time, *sigh*, but it is not to be at this time in my life. i have a "real" job that must take precedence, as it is what's paying the bills. our audit at work starts today, and one of my cases has been selected for auditing, so here's crossed fingers in hopes that i got everything in the file and that this particular foster parent will be on her best behavior when the auditor visits her home. :)

in other news, kirk has jury duty, ha ha! had to get up early with me today, and we both hated it because we stayed up until about 2 am last night, just hanging out, creating, being us. we both are night owls, so this is typical. we walk around like zombies on weekdays until about 8:30 pm, then we suddenly turn 23 again until about 1:30 or 2 am, then hit the bed like rocks...and then lather, rinse, repeat until the weekend when it's a free-for-all...anyone's game, we could be found sleeping at 3 in the afternoon and making projects at 4 am...yep, we're craaaaazy. one of the benefits of not having kids yet...

anyway, enjoy your tax day tuesday! here's a little something to cheer you up:


Zoey said...

okay...first of all, your layout rocks my socks off! omg i am SO lifting that! the cards are super cute, too.

secondly, you are a crack up. love that rap, lol. i'm getting money back this year, so i'm happy! :)

celeste said...

hee hee love the vid. your layout is gorgeous, heidi!!