to thine own self...

...just a little somethin somethin i did for this week's challenge at tally. if you click HERE you can see more pix.

it's a mini-book, and the challenge was to:

- use some recent products
- photo(s) of yourself
- stamping or stitching
- at least 5 positive things about yourself

this was FUN and i made the whole thing using 1/2 a sheet of 12x12 cardboard (from the back of a paper pad) and a 6x6 paper pad, plus embellies. took me about 3 hours total over 2 nights. not bad. would be so cute for a new baby, a brag book for a mom/dad/auntie, a vacation, etc.below are some transparencies w/sayings printed on them that i included between some of the pages.

in other news.....i am planning to use a bit of my tax refund this year to invest in a new camera. my crappy kodak easyshare is letting in light around the corners, and as you can see from some of my other posts, it blows. it's been a good little friend, my first digital, yadda yadda...but it's time to move up a bit...not a lot, a bit.

below is the camera i am considering. in the scrapbooking and art worlds, DSLR's are all the rage. this is not a DSLR, it is a "superzoom." i believe will it suit my needs perfectly, since i am looking for a relatively transportable option that offers a little more control than a point-n-shoot. after doing quite a bit of research, asking around, and reviewing...i am not convinced that i need all of the camera goodness a DSLR offers, and for twice the price of this little gem that gets rave reviews from the guys that know stuff:

more on this as things develop, but the price on that cutie can't be beat, and that review is hard to argue with.

well...we're heading into monday again...geesh, doesn't it seem like there are more mondays than other days of the week? someone should talk to someone about that and get that fixed. ;)

see you all on the flipside of this week, most likely.


Zoey said...

that mini is fabulous!! great idea to cut up cardboard from your paper pack...and by the way, my sister uses that camera and LOVES LOVES LOVES it! hope you have fun w/it!

kyralynn said...

i really like that mini-book, so cute! what a neat idea to remind yourself of the good stuff when you are having a bad day. i hope you keep it out where you can see it!

i like my Canon Rebel but i don't use all the bells n whistles...so I think that camera looks great!