it's monday again...

we are having an audit this week at Walden, which was pre-empted by a weekend full of work on my end. some of it is my own fault (hello, my name is heidi, and i'm a procrastinator) and some of it is just our general hysteria when we're about to be audited by any of our regulatory agencies. we always do just fine, but the level of anxiety is always high on these days. :)

i think our social work files look relatively well, now if only our beloved foster families will be on their best behavior when the auditor visits their homes, we will be golden.

also did our taxes last night (hello again, my name is heidi, and remember what i said about being a procrastinator?) which was quite a task. with my husband's self-employment, it gets really confusing about what we can write off, what means what, what number goes into which box, what is THAT code? sheesh! i so miss the days of my good friend, the EZ form! anyway, looks like we'll get a little bit back, so maybe, just maaaybbeeee, i can take a long weekend break before fall...i could really use a weekend at the beach right now!

i have had some opportunity to create in the last week or so as well, but alas, no photo uploading at work, so i'll share some cards i made later.

hope you all had a lovely easter sunday, and did NOT work like i did. lol. have a great week!

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celeste said...

lol...procrastinators unite! ;) i'm doing mine tonight, so you're not the worst. he he.