the middle of month 3...

update on the ol' 2009 goals:

- haven't had a diet coke, or any drink with aspartame, since December 31, 2008. i feel great. so far that choice has been worth it. i even made my doctor confirm it at my physical...he said, and i quote, "that is a very wise decision."
- kirk and i have added sodium to our ixnay list. slowly but surely we are getting rid of a lot of sodium in our diets. and triglycerides, i.e.: bad fats.
- have not been as consistent with the 3/week activity - but i have come close, and recently started my nightly walk/jogs again, which has been great stress relief. after this week i won't have to work until 9 two nights a week, so that should help.
- i am doing well with being creative daily, i have found that although i don't sit down in my "studio" each day, i am utilizing my right brain often. feels good!

will be updating the etsy shop within the next couple of weeks, so if you are interested, keep a lookout. sold out of pattern paper sets, so may add some more sets of those...maybe another mini-kit, who knows what's up my etsy sleeve? :)

finished a couple more 52Q tags, will post those to flickr so you can see them on the right. looking forward to a new ABC prompt from Rachel tomorrow. never too late to join either of those art journal groups, so have a looksee!

just used a gift certificate from christmas at scrapbook.com, loaded up on some new stamps and transparencies, can't wait to get those. i am officially a hambly FREAK, waving my flag proudly. if you have not used hambly rub-ons, you are missing out on something very special.

car is giving us hassle...starter is burned out, also needed a new battery to the tune of $90...our wonderful NON-DEALER mechanic got it "temporarily working" until he can get the $375 part ordered. ugh. i hate cars. NYC sounds so good when this crap sneaks up on us....anybody living back east that can point me in the direction of a decent social work job would gain my long-term indebtedness! :)

we've got a new temporary social worker starting tomorrow at work, looking forward to fresh energy in the office, it's been pretty tense around there since the holidays. gearing up for a crazy summer w/lots of staff on various types of leave. not me, unfortunately...i might be able to squeeze a long weekend in there, but that's about it until fall. wow, that sounds like a long time.

no images for today's post. but how about a video to make up for it? my friend geoff posted a link to this on facebook the other day and i was busting up. he makes a good point. have a great week!


Zoey said...

great update! way to go on those goals, you are rockin it!

ps. i LOVE louis ck, he is totally hilarious IMO!

gordon said...

Heidi - NYC? NO. NO. NO. papasan

kyralynn said...

lol looks like your dad doesn't want you to move away from him! :) great update, can't wait to see the new stuff in your shop. thanks for the vid, got a laugh out of me!

Pinky said...

Totally cannot have aspartame so no one has it in my house and I think its great! Good for you!