in the shop

the car, that is. just renewed our rental car for another week. poor little GTI is without a starter, so we're waiting for the mechanic to find one under cost. *fingers crossed* it seems i am also "in the shop" as i have succumbed to whatever virus this is that's been going around. i feel like a little family of miniature fire-breathing dragons has made their home in my throat for the past 4 days. i'm home sick from work today, can only manage to be out of bed for about 45 minutes before my body lets me know it's time to rest again. boo for sickness. may our little car and i feel back to normal soon. on the positive side, i've logged in several hours of movie-watching goodness while laying on the couch, which is nice, even if i am missing half of them by sleeping.

haven't been all that crafty, so nothing to show you today.

dad sent some new and uber-cool ATC's this week, i am thinking of a project incorporating all of these little masterpieces together.

well campers, time for some tea and chicken soup before i hit the couch for another round of sleep and flics. hope you have a great week!


Zoey said...

soooo sorry you're sick, heidi! hope you're feeling better very soon!!

papasan said...

I feel for you, kiddo. Get better soon.

kyralynn said...

oh poor heidi! lots of chicken soup for you, get better quick, we miss your art! ;)