straight up nothing to say

not sure if that is a good thing or a bad thing. ;)

blognews: i added some slideshows to the sidebar on the right for the 2 mini-art journals i've been taking part in this year, so i don't have to do a new post every time i complete a card/tag.

worknews: still have a job, thankful for it, but it has been stressing me out a bit. nothing new, too much to do with too little time. we are seeing the economic stress filter down to our foster families, thus filtering down to the kids...tough times. we'll pull through.

homenews: let's see....dishes in the sink, laundry piled up to here, dust you can write in, hmm...might be time to get off the computer and do something around here.

othernews: kirk and i both have relatively clean bills of health after several recent doc appts. both of us need to eat healthier and exercise more, nothing new on that front. :)

are you asleep yet? thought so. i'll put you out of your misery and leave you with my most recent "office" challenge layout for tallyscrapper:
yes, i actually sewed that "she" onto the LO. i found out, several pokes and a huge mess on the back that you can't see, that i HATE sewing by hand. i would have made a terrible austen girl. :)

have a great week!


kyralynn said...

great to hear all is well, even if it is uneventful...sometimes that is a good thing, right!? love that LO, very vintage looking...

Zoey said...

love that LO, and enjoy hearing your news! :) have a good week girl!

Christine said...

i can't believe that is sewn by hand. wow. you rocked it woman!