...in with the new

...hello 2009. hello clean slate. hello fresh start. hello resolutions?

well, not this year. goodbye resolutions...hello "goals." you know, they're actually more like guidelines. :)

so if i'm not making resolutions, what AM i doing to start writing on this bright white new year? everybody hates a blank page staring back at you, so how to add some color?

here are a few of my "goals" for 2009. more visuals to come.

1. cut out diet soda entirely by the end of december, 2009. yes, the survey results are in, and save a few nutcases who are just as addicted as i am, my blog fans have spoken, and you've confirmed what i already knew. moderation is key, staying away from the stuff altogether is golden.this is the commemorative photo of the last official pop of the can. for 2008, that is.

i want to cut it out of my habits entirely, but not cold turkey, no balls to the wall hardcore resolutions here. those never work for me, so i will be just slowly weaning.

2. CREATE. every day, in 2009. this might sound like a pretty badass lofty goal, but really, i am talking about anything creative. taking a photo, arranging a vase of flowers, doing a scrapbook layout, rearranging furniture, painting something, writing a little rhyme for kirk or a coworker, baking something, creating a flyer at work, just SOMETHING that gets me to use the right side of my brain each day.

i have made myself a little bitty simple journal to document my creative year, photo to come.

3. participate actively in the art journal/deck of me, which i posted about HERE. details and prompts can be found HERE.

4. move my bones for 20 minutes, 4 times a week. dance in the living room, walk up mt rubidoux, go up and down the stairs at work, do a yoga tape, swim, whatever. with kirk, without kirk. with friends, without friends. if it leads to more ambitious fitness-y things, fine. if it doesn't, fine.

5. go to the doctor for a full physical. go to the dentist for a full exam.

there. not too lofty, not to shabby. we'll see how we go, ey?

what are YOUR goals for 2009?


celeste said...

that's cool i like the goals idea. i always break reslutions. anyway i did make some reslutions like i gotta lose weight, save money, and i want to buy a new car. good luck w/your goals heidi!

rachel whetzel said...

lol I love the cartoon!!

Zoey said...

wow you are so organized, lol. i love this post, my "goals" are to loose weight, get a new home, and ask my boss for a raise, wish me luck! happy new year heidi.

kyralynn said...

hey heidi, great goals! love that diet soda photo, i will miss you on the soda train but i am not ready to give it upjust yet. working on giving up chocolate this year. also working on going back to school. might try your creativity goal, too - but it is pretty badass, you make me laugh. happy new year to you and your family!