...procrastinators unite!

...7 pm, new year's eve. i remember that i have a balance left in my flexible spending account.
if you're not familiar with flexible spending, click HERE.

since my employer informed us in december that we would not be getting holiday bonuses, raises in 2009, or holiday bonuses in 2009...and are reducing our mileage reimbursement to the rate we received in 2007, i am in no mood to hand over my hard-earned $ to the agency.

however, i didn't buy as many contact lenses, dental appointments, etc, as i had planned on, so i have a balance - to the tune of $300. so, i started my new year's eve celebration partyin' down over at CVS frantically grabbing medical supplies.
looks like kirk and i are covered in the event of cuts, bruises, sprains, injuries, headaches, heartburn, flu, hemorrhoids, and natural disaster. phew, that's a relief!

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