out with the old...

...don't you just love new year's eve day? i do. there is just something about the last day of the year that gives me pause. time to reflect. time to plan. hopeful optimism. so...i didn't keep last new year's resolutions, so what? so...i don't even remember what i resolved. all is not lost. so i didn't lose 10 pounds, or move, or have children, or get a new career.

i am happy. it's been a good year; not perfect, but good.

i was more actively creative than i had been in ages this year. i have several unfinished projects, too.
i paid down some of my debt this year. i gained a bit more debt.
our country elected our first black president, and a relatively progressive one at that! our country is in the worst financial straits since the great depression.
we set up my creative space in the kitchen. the space is starting to bulge with tons-o-crap.
kirk made some new songs, new friends, new art. kirk was not able to find permanent work.
i started carrying a caseload again at work, and it was a refreshing change of pace. i am back to 50+ hrs/week.
i stood up for myself more. there are things i did not say that i wanted to.
we took a vacation just for us for the 2nd year in a row. we only took 2 breaks all year.
we enjoyed good physical and dental health all year. we didn't go the doctor or dentist all year.
i got to be on my first paper arts "design team." i learned there's just as much drama in that world as anywhere else.
i helped implement a new foster parent training at work. i am now held responsible for all that is good/bad about this training.
i learned that there really are sincere, altruistic foster parents. i learned there are twice as many who think foster children = easy money.
i have seen friends achieve great things this year. i have also seen friends experience great losses.
i have maintained good friendships in 2008. i have lost contact with some friends, too.

2008 is like a chalkboard covered with a rainbow of chalks, words, images, sounds, places, people, events. today is the last mark on the board. there will never be another day in 2008. this is it, then on to the next thing....2009.

today i plan to sleep in, then tie up some loose ends.
finish my december daily album.
make new year's "kits" to give my supervisees at work on Monday.
take time to photograph & enjoy my holiday decor before i put it all away for another year.
a little shopping, a few errands, a bit of laundry.
make a list of goals for the new year, with attainable objectives. no more "resolutions."
make snacks, clean a little and get ready to relax with kirk tonight to ring in the new year, just the two of us. :)

and then again, it is just another day. another year. more of the same? well that's the thing - we get to decide that part. :) and what's cooler than that?

what will be your last marks on 2008? i'd love to hear!

and just in case your 2008 was not so great, here's a little something to make you smile. it's from youtube, which was another favorite passtime of my 2008. this little guy is too cute for words. even grownup words. :)


jennyonthespot said...

Heidi, that was an incredible post... I love the perspective you shared... So real, so inspiring... but I must ask, are you really going to do all that stuff? Stuff today? You pretty much rock...

And that video... made out of awesome. My next Make Me Laugh Monday post is going to be about children... gonna need to use this one!

Zoey said...

this is a great post, heidi! you are one cool chica. hope your new year is a great one, and keep the creativity and insight comin girl!

celeste said...

awesome insight, thanks for a great year, looking forward for more from heidi! ;-)