A year. An alphabet. 26 bits of me.

...i've decided to play along with Rachel's year-long art journal in 2009. rachel is a blogging genius, and one talented, creative lady. she hosted a similar project on tallyscrapper in 08...i was not able to participate in that one, but i'm over it. :) i am pumped and ready for art in 2009. (more on my creativity pledge to myself later.)

for the art journal/"deck of me", we'll be doing small-scale art journal "pages" based on 2/month prompts and the alphabet...i.e. "ABC's of me" theme. i have wanted to do an art journal for a long time, and have done loads of reading about them this year, so i'm jumping in with intentions of doing every prompt, which can be found at the blog HERE, and maybe even a few more.

to prepare for the project, before i go back to work and let craziness overtake me, i cut my "deck of me" cards down to size to fit in this tin, which i altered for the occasion:the tin is just one i kept from my favorite tea (Harney & Sons peppermint, and i'm OUT, santa done spaced out & forgot to put some in my stocking this year, boo hoo! or maybe i was bad...) and then i sanded it a little, painted it with ceramic paint, sanded again, painted another layer, and so on. i left some of the tin's original design showing through because i like it looking grungy. then i used rubber stamps, went crazy with alphabet stamps, added some ribbon, jute, flowers, letter stickers, and wallah!

my cards fit perfectly, and i have room to grow as i add to them through the year. the cards themselves are just cut down from cardboard backings from yellow lined pads we use at the office and from other paper packs i've purchased, i've been saving those all year.if you'd like to join in on this project, you can find more information at the blog by clicking above. you don't have to do them on cards, the format is up to you. some people will be using books, some will be doing ATC sized cards using playing cards, etc. i hope you consider it, even if you don't think of yourself as "creative." it's in everybody, and nobody else has to see it! so why not give it a go with me?


Zoey said...

sounds like fun!! i love the container, heidi, it is beautiful.

kyralynn said...