a few of my favorite things...

1. 1984
2. sting, bono, and george michael all in a row
3. humanitarianism
4. long hair in abundance
5. christmas music
6. did i mention sting, bono, and george all in a row?

it's like a little package perfectly wrapped just for me, i have to share.

see? the 80's weren't quite so selfish after all.


kyralynn said...

omg i love that song! i didn't hear it on the radio as much this year, but the video is cool.

Zoey said...

holy crap woman, you always bring back these 80's memories for me! lol. love it. happy new year!

celeste said...

omg omg omg this rocks! i SOOO remember that song. did you have a good xmas girl?