...I had a really long meeting
...My boss told me I was "defensive" because I was giving my opinion
...My supervisee told me I was the best supervisor she's ever had
...I started researching how we could swing a move to the Portland, OR area
...I visited some wonderful children in foster care who inspire me with their resilience
...I indulged in a few new patterned papers at a little scrap shop on my break, & got $5 for my birthday month!
...I drove 142 miles
...My friend Elaine called to invite me to a birthday lunch this week, and I forgot to call her back! eek!
...I sang along, really loudly, to 80's "monster ballads" in my car
...I am "in the spotlight" at tally, you can read about this here.
...My drawings for the mixed media class I'm taking are coming along well
...I was licked all over my arms by a big gross dog, eww
...I was given a picture drawn by a 5 year old who "never responds to adults"
...I came home to a nice, quiet, peaceful house. Kirk is out w/a friend.
...I plan to finish up a scrap layout for a challenge that's due by Friday
...I am going out late for a small bite to eat with my lovable husband.

All in all, it's been a good day, and I'm thankful for being alive and well.


celeste said...

i think you should tell you boss to sod off and let you express yourself. that was a nice little update...someday we will have to meet IRL because you seem like a great person...

~Kammie~ said...

hope you had a good birthday this weekend despite your boss :O)

and now....
TAG, you're it! go to my blog and see what I got you for! :O)