Mini Layouts, Lots of Feasting and No Labor

My brother, Dan, came over yesterday and asked me to "scrap it up" using some photos of him and his girlfriend, Kate. Cute photos, but his little itty bitty photo album was made for 4x6's...so here is the result: cute little itty bitty scrap pages that he put into the album to include in a care package for her:

Aren't they cute together? Awww. Ok since this is likely embarrassing enough for Mr. Cool, I won't mention OR upload the photo of the 5th and most amazing of the pages because it was not created by me, and I promised I wouldn't tell anyone. :) So, to anyone reading this, all scrapping and/or crafting of any kind is only done by me. No testosterone involved over here, right?

Hope she loves her care package, it's full of great goodies. I can tell he misses her, and Kirk and I are no substitute...but he's welcome to crash at our place and watch Deadwood and Sopranos anytime he wants.

As for us, it's been a really nice, social, and lazy Labor Day weekend 2008. Saturday we had our semi-annual hedonistic repast with Mack & Martha, which is essentially a feast of the best of treats (shrimp potstickers, focaccia bread, feta & cucumber dip, garlic green olives, grilled veggies, spinach dip, bread, LOTS of good red wine, and chocolate sticky cookies) and good conversation by their pool in the warm evening air. Ahhh! That was divine.

Yesterday we lazed about the house, and scrapped it up in the evening, as previously mentioned. Tonight we were invited for the traditional Labor Day BBQ with our friends Simon & Danielle, who recently moved into their home in Hemet. Yummy food and good fun all around. I think I must have gained at least 7 pounds in 3 days, it sounds like all we did was sit and eat! :)

I hope you had a good holiday weekend, too. Here's to another week packed full of love and happiness for all.


Zoey said...

these are great pages heidi! i want to see the other one, i think you should show us...we won't tell. sounds like u had a fun LD weekend girl...gettin all schnockered on red wine without me.

kyralynn said...

love the scrap pages as always! glad you had a nice 3 day weekend you deserve a break. have a good week!

celeste said...

i just love your layouts and when you post your creations for us! hope you are having a good week