crayons pt 2

because i would never ask you all to do something i am not willing to do myself, here are a few photos of my crayons, and my crayon playing last week.  as you can see i went with the scribble-with-black-fill-in-with-color method because i needed a little therapy.

this was done while at work last week and this morning - whenever i received a phone call, or on coffee breaks.  so here is real-life proof that it IS possible to fit a little creativity into a busy life!

materials used:  copy paper, black marker, totally messed up crayons from our office playroom (the best kind of crayons, as i mentioned in the previous post...)

 (be still my beating heart!)

 (i love the texture crayons leave on paper...and the little flecks of color that are left behind!)

i have really enjoyed your comments and private messages about your crayon adventure as well, and i am thinking this could be a neat regular feature here on the old blog...back to basics, playful, get-in-touch-with-our-5-year-old-selves kind of exercises.  with crayons.  and other messy, colorful goodness.

until then, happy coloring, my friends! 

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