mistletoe music...

now you all know how much i like holiday music...i wouldn't make a cd each year for my family and friends if i didn't...but i am NOT a fan of
1) how early it starts playing on the radio & in stores every year,
2) the repetitive, annoying songs they tend to play (think elton john's step into christmas...omg if i hear that song one more time...) and
3) that these 24/7 christmas music extravaganza stations don't understand how nice it can be to hear a few non-holiday songs in between the christmas cheer.

so...if you need an antidote to the cheesy christmas madness...why not grab someone special, make some hot toddies, find some mistletoe...and give this playlist a listen...

these are some of my favorite snuggle up and...stuff....songs. who says the holidays can't be just a little bit sexy?  ;) 

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