heidi's jingle bell jam 2011

last year's edition

it's that time of year again...well actually i started working on this year's jingle bell jam around halloween, lol, it's quite a process.  funny...this is my 12th year making it and each year i think there couldn't possibly any more holiday songs that are cool enough to warrant a whole cd - and yet, here we are.  ;)

i do this as an alternative to holiday cards for family and friends, and it's a pretty big hit, and an inexpensive way to spread some rockin' holiday cheer with a lot of people at once.  i love this project!!

also...have y'all started your DECEMBER DAILIES???  i have!  my book ended up small this year, i'll try to post some photos soon...doing 4x6 & keeping it uber-simple.  doing some traveling around this year and my emphasis is on getting it done, not necessarily embellishing it to death.  yesterday's photo had to do with the enormous, exceedingly ridiculous amount of starbucks cups that i found in various places...my office, my desk, the kitchen...yeah.  i don't have a problem...or anything.  denial?  what's that?

not likely to do too many homemade/handmade gifts this year, unfortunately my schedule is a bit holiday hectic this year vs years past...but i'm going to embrace it all and just enjoy what i can.  it will all get done.  *breathe*

hope you all are having a fantastic start to your holiday season...don't stress!  keep calm and merry on my friends...


Karen S. Imes said...

I just came across you dec daily YouTube from 2010- it was pinned on pinterest! I loved it. You really captured the holiday! Did you ise acrylic paint to make your transparancies? Can't figure out how you did that. It's just lovely. Thank you for sharing it for inspiration!!!!

Tamara Theisen said...

Hi Heidi, I am so glad you are doing a December daily this year. I actually saw your 2010 one on utube and it inspsired me to try one. Loved it! I am really enjoying the process so far. Love your idea for the cd's as well. Awesome gift. Anyhoo....Happy holidays!

Heidi said...

thank you both for stopping by & the sweet compliments on my dec daily from last year, it is one of my favorites so far...much simpler design this year but i like it so far!

Karen...I did use acrylic paint on the transparencies...I was worried it might scratch off, but so far they are still looking good, although i think eventually it will crack off...but I'm okay with that. Things age...I'm trying not to think too archival as that will prevent me from doing this project, and I just love getting it done.

I also used spray paint, permanent marker, and staz-on permanent solvent ink, hope that helps!