a hiatus from creating...

haven't sat down to create something in days.  maybe even weeks.  might be due to spring & wanting to be outside more often, might be due to working a few more hours than i'd like to recently, might be due to this new addictive nerdy passtime that my husband & a friend sucked me into this month:

yeah.  total RIFT geekdom at our house lately.  it's fun & a great evening escape & we enjoy the social element as well...you'd be surprised how many over 30's are playing this game!  we may never fully grow up.  ;)  i'm "rolling" the sexiest little dwarf rogue & she's a total badass. 

or maybe it's just that i've lost whatever mojo i had left after that massive travel journal...whatever the reason for this lack of mojo, i'm going with it.  breaks are okay...something or someone will inspire me eventually and back to the art supplies i'll go.

also wanted to thank you all for the e-mails & messages...sorry the comment feature doesn't always work on my posts.  not sure what's the cause of that, but i am glad to hear you are enjoying the blog...even though i'd likely still write it even if nobody out there ever stopped by!  :)

the good news is, it's friday...hope you all have a wonderful weekend.

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