convenient memories

all of the images in this post were taken with the phone on my camera.  i never fail to be absolutely amazed at how far technology has come in my lifetime...don't get me wrong, i love my big-girl camera and nothing quite compares to high-res photos taken with care...but in cleaning out some of my phone's memory i came across these photos taken randomly over the last year and it struck me how nice it is to have a convenient way to capture a moment & move on.  no fuss.  easy peasy.  click, save, done.  no big camera bag, no lenses, no honkin' camera everyone notices & puts on their fake smiles for.  candid, quick, low-res photo fun.

especially when you can download cool apps like RetroCamera for your phone, to make cool images look easy...like the ones below.

i just love it.

and i love remembering things like:

a long weekend in yosemite national park with kirk's extended family.  pure outdoor hiking fresh air joy.  there is just nowhere quite like it:

the sky on a windy, cloudy spring day at the park:

the palm trees & endless blue sky at the beach:

fried blocks of cheese for dinner in prague, czech republic...and the best cheap beer in the world:

 wishing i could go back to prague or budapest right now!

cute little coffee shops in central europe, taking a break from sightseeing to enjoy a london fog or mocha latte:

and more of the sky.  i can't seem to stop looking up these days.  i'm telling you, the spring weather is just permeating my being lately:

*sigh*  convenient memories.  can't bring myself to delete these...guess i'll just have to delete some of those ridiculously long text conversations, right?

these photos are also making certain that the travel bug will bite me again soon.  i've got a "staycation" planned for next week...might have to turn it into a "gofarawaycation" if at all possible.  or even not-so-far-away.  :)

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