2010 flew. it's been ages since i've posted an update. ages. since then, life has continued. my grandfather had a massive heart attack in early october. we traveled to see him in late october. my job responsibilities have continued to expand. i have debated a career change. i got a ticket. i've had lots of wonderful dinners with friends. i've read several good novels, created some artwork, journaled, played w/photos, and even did a little scrapbooking. the holidays came. my grandfather passed away. i am still grieving, along with my family. as my husband said, "it's the end of an era." so true. and now...

...it's a new year. filled with promise. the promise of healing from grief. the promise of better choices, more water, less soda. more creative projects, less wasted internet time. the promise of more art. more travel. more coffee. more of the story.

and i intend to share it, right here. however, i am making no resolutions, no vows, no goals to update in any particular timeframe. i will update when there's something to be said or shown, and i hope that works for any of you who are left reading this lonely little blog. i respect our time...mine, and yours. so if i have something worth sharing, i will...if not, i will just let this peaceful little place exist here in silence until something comes along. silence is underrated after all in our busy lives.

eventually i will share more photos from our europe trip last fall, my december daily album, my travel journal from europe, and any other random projects i've been working on.

until then, just know that i am here...for you, the few, the faithful, the blog-readers of mine. and i thank you for your patience.

i hope your year is off to a fantastic beginning...here's to 2011!

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