let"s give even more love to haiti

this valentine's day!


Connie said...

I saw that on television and I was all teary eyed through out the entire thing. Then, I got lost in the thought of how things in the world always come full circle. I could remember being young and watching on tv the same song--but things were different then. Or were they? What I mean by coming full circle is that the Universe keeps delivering us these tragic moments to bring people together again--and to form such a stronger bond of LOVE. When will we need these tragedies to actually end--and the LOVE be a natural and seamless expression of our lives together.

That's the thought I got lost in thinking about while watching this. Then snapped out of it when I saw Vince Vaughn in the background. Why the hell was he there?!?!?!

Big hugs!

Heidi said...

OMG i didn't even notice vince vaughn, haha...thanks for the thoughts...i agree...wish we didn't need to be reminded so often that we are all human...