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we had an earthquake a few moments ago...which found me in just a tee-shirt and unmentionables, sitting at the computer...needless to say within 3 minutes, i am now fully dressed, shoes and all. hate when earthquakes catch me w/out clothes...

kirk laughs at me for ensuring i have jeans/shirt/bra/shoes within reach every night before going to bed...but just wait until we have a big one in the middle of the night, and THEN who'll be laughing while he's standing there in the doorframe wearing nothing but his boxers? huh? :)

at least i don't insist on sleeping with a bag of emergency supplies anymore...that phase pretty much ended when i woke up soaking wet after a gallon of water came open in the bag.

anyway, after watching images of haiti over the last few weeks, i am still heartbroken for that country and the aftermath of the tragic earthquake. it definitely makes me more aware of what i DON'T have in place should we have a big tumbler here.

anyway, on to something a little more positive...it is valentine's day weekend. i could not care less about the commercial side of valentine's day, but you know, any chance to celebrate being married to my best friend is cool by me. here's a photo of one of our early dates back in the day:
awww, weren't we so damn cute? kirk commented on this picture on facebook by saying how short his hair was back then. it's true. it's about 3x that long now. *sigh* i love me some long hair on a man. it's the 80's hairband infatuation...i've never gotten over it.

1991! that's 19 years ago...we had our first date on April 23, 1991...and have been best friends ever since. man, i love this guy. :)

wishing you all lots of love this valentine's...or happy chinese new year, lunar new year, happy mardi gras, happy president's day, happy birthday, or whatever else you might be celebrating this weekend.

like, for example, the fact that it's a beautiful sunny saturday of a 3 day weekend. except for earthquakes, it doesn't get much better than that.

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