another year. another art journal!

as if there was any question about whether I would participate in more art journal love via prompts at OneYearArtJournal...

starting this one with 3x5 cards made from recycled cardboard (cereal boxes, backs of notepads, thick magazine pages, whatever i see in the trash at work that shouldn't be trash yet) for the bases of the pages. thinking of altering a recipe box i found in the dollar bin at michael's to hold this year's cards...not 100% sure yet as i think i may want to experiment a bit with different size pages this year.

anyway, the first prompt is: WHAT is holding you back/keeping you from art? here's my page:on the front/base i journaled a bit about what keeps me from doing art on a regular basis...namely that i have difficulty disconnecting from my day job (foster care social work supervisor) which is very fast-paced, directive, solution-focused, LEFT-brained work...in order to get in a RIGHT-brained state of mind to work on art/creative projects. i threw in a few other excuses i often use, then i covered it with water-soluble wax pastels and some chalks...then added strips/layers of paper and goodies around the edges...and the little square on the corner.

on the back i journaled about making a determined decision to make art part of life, not something that i separate out like a "hobby." here's the back:

if you're looking for a great way to learn about art-journaling, there's loads of inspiration and ideas over at the blog/ning sites - come get your art on and join us!

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