...it's been over a month since i've posted here at the ol' blog! yikes. well, i know i have a few faithful readers...but overall, i don't hear anybody complaining, right? ;)

so to catch up on the last month:

- i have become a full-fledged member of the nurse jackie fan club
- i have become a card carrying member of the true blood appreciation club
- i have worked 60-70 hours a week over the past month and a half (hence this whole not updating the blog thing)
- i have created a few projects, but have not taken photos. bad me! a cute scrapbook for a friend who's expecting, and starting on holiday gifts. yes - holidays will be here before you know it!
- kirk and i have rearranged our living room in lieu of moving, since i got word of a pay cut i'm lucky enough to receive in light of the CA budget crisis
- i learned i will be getting a 5% pay cut in the form of 1 furlough day a month since CA can't seem to get their finances in order.
- we've started 2 relatively large new systems at work. let's just say...my co-workers don't really respond well to change.
- i have booked a vacation for early september. yes! good news mixed in with the crap! :)
- kirk and i have started a nightly ritual of putting on our walking shoes and walking to starbucks and back versus driving - which gives us some much-appreciated time together, along with a bit of exercise, plus non-fat sugar-free iced vanilla lattes. how can we go wrong? ;)
- we've been to the dentist. all is well. it's the one helping professional i enjoy visiting, because i never get lectured and i always get told what beautiful teeth i have. (thanks for the braces way back when, mom and dad!)
- whew! well, that's not all, but that's enough for you, right? anybody out there? well, if you are, the dedicated and faithful few, look forward to some photos of recent projects and a few other lovely goodies in the next few weeks...including:

drum roll please....

BLOG CANDY! yes, everyone's favorite, blog candy will be coming to heidiology in the near future, so stick around and be rewarded for your patience with me!

hope you all are doing well...drop me a comment and let me know you're out there...and have a great week.


gordon said...

still out here - looking forward to seeing you soon, even if only briefly. papasan

Yaneri -ScrapyCrafter said...

Geesh Heidi, you sure were MIA! hehehe! You sure had a lot of things going on in your world! But its all good! Good things come to those who wait!
Glad your back!!!