14 years

he's the sugar to my cookie, the cheese to my macaroni, he puts the soul in soul mate, and the hot in hot stuff. he's my best friend, my confidante, my helper, my love, my own personal comic relief, my husband.

he asked me out for the first time on april 22, 1991...and asked me to marry him on february 17, 1995. we had the most beautiful wedding on august 11, 1995, and haven't looked back since.

we've had ups, downs, ins, outs, fun, loss, and everything in between. i wouldn't change a minute of our life together so far, and i look forward to what lies ahead.

i knew he was the one i wanted to spend every day with, but i never thought it would be this easy, this fun, or this good being married. this is not to say that we aren't without our fair share of arguments and roadblocks, but as the years progress, those have tended to be fewer. we've put a lot into learning about each other, respecting one another, and making love an action we choose every day...and we never go to bed angry.

kirk saves me every day with his humor and listening ear, has more faith in myself than i do sometimes, respects me for who i am, and encourages me to continue discovering and bettering myself. he treats me like an equal, values my opinion, believes in me.

what can i say? he's the best, and today, i celebrate US. happy anniversary, baby! i love you!


kyralynn said...

well if that isn't the sweetest thing in the world i don't know what IS! how wonderful to see this, esp for those of us that have not been so lucky in love. congratulations!

Yaneri said...

awwwww! So cute! Congragulations to you both! May you enjoy another 14 years full of love!!!

Zoey said...

this is the cutest ever! congratulations you two!!