Welcome to Scrappy Hour

introducing scrappy hour. which is really just another of my silly names for irregular features here at the ol' blogorama. we'll see if this one sticks. i'll admit i am drawn to the combination of creativity & cocktails. so come on in, grab a drink & let's get scrappy ladies!

for the longest time, i used to dream-out-loud about having a whole long weekend in a secluded hotel, just me, kirk, nature, a pool, and BOOKS! i'm a bonafide bookworm, and kirk and i have amassed quite the library over the past 14 years or so...the problem is, i don't have a lot of time to read. when i finally settle in with my book, it's almost always nearly 1 or 2 am. not the best time to read the kind of novels i like - long, epic, historical novels.

a few years ago, we decided to actually do it. go away for a long weekend and with no tourist activities on the agenda, to a secluded place, and just read & relax. the bookworm break was born.

the first year, we went to the central california coast, 2 nights in pismo beach, 3 nights in cayucos. last year, we rented a cabin in idyllwild. this year, we stayed at an old resort in san marcos. i'd been there for a couple of work related conferences and while it isn't uber-posh, it's relaxed, the accommodations are perfect, and it's situated on a lake. perfect place to chill and read.

this mini-album is my 3rd mini ever. i'm really starting to like this format! i used a blank album by 7-Gypsies, papers by Basic Grey, Making Memories, and October Afternoon...plus a plethora of embellishments that have been sitting in my stash for way too long. Now they have a nice new home. I'm happy with the way it turned out, hope you enjoy, too:

let me know what you think by leaving a comment, and thanks for joining me for scrappy hour! ;)


kyralynn said...

love love love love love! did i mention that i LOVE that mini?!

celeste said...

yeah, uh, that's the coolest mini ever i love the colors and all the flowers!!!!!! rockin. as always.

Zoey said...

wow you've been busy, i LOVE your album!

jess1984 said...

totally and completely awesome!

networkmaven said...

Actually this is on my u-tube playlist cuz I LOVE BOOkS!! I was replaying my list and was inspired to look up if there is such a thing as a bookworm break and two, to give you kudos on a wonderful album.

I have been inspired to create a page a year with all the titles of the books I have read each year (I will start with 2009). My kids will get an insight as to how their Mom thinks.

Thanks Heidi, for the inspiration and the wonderful vids. Keep them coming!

Pam Dyer