happy mother's day, moms!

these two women are both loving, nurturing, generous, inspiring, and fun. both grew up in large sibling sets. they both grew up in the midwest. both of these ladies want to help people, to make a difference in the lives of others. both are Christians and are devoted to their faith. they both have raised children to be responsible adults. both have experienced success, and both have dealt with loss. neither are particularly inclined to crafts. both love to read and learn. they are each uniquely strong. they each stand firmly for what they believe is right. yet they are not the same.

one works overtime, one is enjoying retirement after a dedicated career. one makes her home the most comfortable place in the world. the other comfortably makes the world her home. one is Republican, the other leans to the left. one changed the family's home decor with the seasons, the other kept precious family photos in their place for generations. one's a shopaholic who finds the best deals on the planet, the other prefers to stay away from the malls.

these two women are empowered, independent, and amazing. and best of all, they both hold a place in my heart reserved for "mom."

i love you both, and wish you buckets full of happiness today, and always! thanks for everything you do for me and kirk, and for being such role models for all.


kyralynn said...

oh heidi you are too sweet, hope they both get a chance to see this! they are so beautiful!

Patti H said...

what a beautiful post!!