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Sheer Abandon: A Novel Sheer Abandon: A Novel by Penny Vincenzi

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rating: 2 of 5 stars
I gave this 2 stars not because it had 600+ pages (I love diving into epic stories); not because the characters gave me no real reason to identify with them in any way (shallow, under-developed wimpy female characters - the only one with any balls being teenage Kate); nor because the plot was handed to me on a platter in the first chapter (should have quit while I was ahead)...

I generally like Penny Vincenzi's novels as beach or vacation reads, or just fun escapes once in a while, but this was just so lame...SO flippin' lame. Maybe it's because I work with REAL adoption/foster care every day, maybe it's because I have strong female friends and relatives who don't get pushed around by their partners, or maybe it's just that I don't like knowing how the entire story will pan out by page 5. Whatever the reason, this one will be returned with no regret to the library shelves asap. I am so pleased that I didn't actually buy it!

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Laura Essendine said...

This is still on my shelves to read so I was really sad to read this review. I love PV and count Windfall as one of my favourite ever books so I'll be interested to see whether I agree with this review.

I love the way readers' opinions differ so much - it's part of what keeps books so interesting.

Laura Essendine
The Accidental Guru Blog

Christine said...

thanks for the review. i won't seek it out with my summer reading program!

Zoey said...

DUDE! I read this book and I am a huge Vincenzi fan but you are spot on with this review. Definitely not her best work, her other novels are much better.