Way Back Wednesday

poor little blog. i've been neglecting you since i somehow got sucked back into facebook. but i'm here to make it up to you with a new feature for those days when all i have to say is nothing.

introducing...way back wednesdays. i got your time warp right here.

there is just too much 80's goodness to be had in this commercial...jason alexander w/hair, the prancing pastel colors, the feathered hair, and oh my - the McDLT. not only ridiculously gimicky, but also double the styrofoam...no wonder we're having a landfill crisis 25 years later!

it's a good thing seinfeld came along, or we might be wondering "hey, whatever happened to jason alexander?"

happy wednesday and let the cool, stay cool.


kyralynn said...

omg you are hilarious...who even thinks to look up commercials from the 80's? oh yeah, that's right...you do! :) thanks for the laugh.

Zoey said...

ha! i totally remember that!!!

celeste said...

hey we've missed you in blogland!! that's why i quit facebook, lol, too much time!!! love this vid, btw.

april k. said...

i think i'm gonna love way back weds! :)