update: 1 yr art journal progress, etc

hi bloggers...remember me? it's me...little ol' heidi. i know it's been awhile, but i have not forgotten you. i have not forgotten how to post anything except youtube videos. i have been doing creative stuff. here, i'll prove it! :)

remember that one goal? the one where i vowed to take part in Rachel's ABC's of me art journal challenges over HERE? well, so far, my goal is 4 for 4 ladies and gents! i think the small size i chose makes it easier for me to commit even when i'm busy with life.

here's what i've done so far. i know you've seen "a' before, but since it's been awhile, i'm including it here too.

A - the prompt was "action":

B - the prompt was "because":

C - the prompt was "clearly":
D - the prompt was "decide":these challenges are fun, quick, and cathartic - need some art in your life? it's not too late to JOIN IN!

oh! and i've decided to go ahead and participate in the "survivor/office" challenges at tally again this "season." next year's goal - stop overcommitting....anyway, the first challenge for my team was to alter a game or other box and use it to store a game. here's what i did:

just a little box to keep playing cards in - instead of having them all floating around in our game closet. poker anyone? :)

hope you all have a great week.

p.s. be watching for a RAK that will blow your mind, coming to this blog near you in a few days or so!


rachel whetzel said...


kim's kreations said...

Love what you've done so far! The altered box turned out great...just bought one of those myself at M's.

{Shirley} said...

you ROCK!! Love all your creative goodness!!

latte_grande said...

Beautiful projects, as always! Your art journal pages are just frikkin' amazing!!

kyralynn said...

hey woman, was beginning to think you'd dropped of the face of the earth! :) love your stuff, glad you're back in blogland.

Zoey said...

oh my! well these were worth the wait...i still haven't been able to move from scrapper to artist for those journals....but i'm loving yours!!

celeste said...

oh how i've missed your creative goodness heidi!! welcome back, i'm still here looking for inspiration from ya. love the cards AND the box, rockin!