digi love

...what? you were expecting some december daily action? what's with all the e-mails asking when i'm posting pages? hey, i never promised that i'd have my layouts done on TIME...i am queen of procrastination, after all, and i wouldn't want to lose my title NOW, after all of that not doing stuff on time and whatnot. i HAVE taken the photos for each day, so as soon as i can hit a cvs to print them out, december daily you shall see. the ideas are cooking, i'm just letting them marinate a bit. :)

i'm thinking i should have done THIS little project for december instead, maybe? i love this idea, and everything Kristina Contes does plain rocks, too, so you should check it out either way.
almost done with this year's Jingle Bell Jam! the whole project is d.i.y. except the cd face itself which i sent off to be printed at mixonic, and they did a great job. i always forget how much work it is, because i just love how much people enjoy the holiday music every year. you should see my battle wounds from folding and scoring and gluing 100 paperboard cases together, and making 100 little tags to attach to them.
i have given up on making christmas cards for everyone this year. a few will be going out, but most people will get a Jingle Bell Jam, which should serve as my holiday card anyway. i'll just keep telling myself that and try not to feel guilty.

so, to make up for my lack of dec documentation, here is a recent digi i did for the 12 days of christmas challenges over at tally. (yeah, i overcommit, you talkin to me?)

i don't do a lot of digital scrapbooking, but i love scrapblog for quick, lovely digital layouts like this one:



Zoey said...

girl that does NOT look digital! love the layers and the colors are perfect.

kyralynn said...

breathtaking, gonna have to try that website everything you've done there looks great! do you know how they print out? i just love how much you adore your DH you guys seem really happy.