tryptophan rocks.

in other news, there's no way on this good green earth i'm heading out to any stores for "black friday," not even for the sales. in fact, since kirk and i are having a DIY/thrift holiday, there's no point battling for parking spaces and dealing with aggressive bargain hunters out for blood. *whew!*

but, i have found some things online to drool over. can't afford 'em, don't need 'em, bet i could make some of 'em...check out these neat treats:

the cutest ornament ever in the history of christmas.
the best way to scent your eco-conscious non-real christmas tree living space.
serious good hot winter yumminess.
and let's not forget the infamous good old fashioned free fun online:

Send your own ElfYourself eCards

hope your holiday kickoff weekend is full of just this kind of goodness.


celeste said...

yay for turkey induced naps and elfing yourself, ha ha. hope you had a great holiday!

Zoey said...

what adorable elves you are! :)

kyralynn said...

those elves rock!

krista mcleon said...

lololol! those are some sexy elves there, lolol. where did you find that i have never seen it. :)

jennyonthespot said...

I LOVE JibJab! I also love tryptophan!