They Say You Can Never Go Home...

....but it sure is fun to visit from time to time! Greetings from CO, where I sit, not wanting to head back to hot, boring, firey SoCal tomorrow morning. It's been wonderful to see family and friends. Last Saturday, we had planned to take my grandparents on a drive to Estes Park to see the bugeling elk, unfortunately, he was admitted to the hospital later that day for extreme pain, and had a surgery on Tuesday evening to fuse 2 of his spinal discs (degenerative arthritis of the spine) and put in a chest plate. He is now in a rehab center. It's been a long week for him, my grandmother, my mother and her siblings.

My grandfather is a proud man, and can be very stubborn. He has spent his entire life providing for his family, and is struggling with getting older and feeling "useless." He is certainly not useless and has raised a beautiful family, and we love him and wish him the speediest recovery!

We have enjoyed our week here, as always. The weather has been crisp and the air clear, we've seen gorgeous mountain scenery and wildlife. The lovely thing about being in the Denver area is the ease of "getting away" in a short amount of time. 40 minutes or so and you feel far from civilization. Here are some photos of our time so far...it looks like all we've done so far is eat, lol.

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jamiescraps said...

LOVE the pix! Hope your grandfather is doing well soon!!!!